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lipsticked Lo
22 June 2006 @ 12:14 am
~~An adventure in melancholia...

Welcome to the songhouse. There's a little space of time to breathe in before you are whipped away by knitting needles into your own small niche of forever. There's only one thing left to be done:

Find a way out.


DFGC: P19 M14 BR+++M?FT-^(A/C)+++(M/J)+++ LJ8~C0oIo A+ S3 RL6 fi4dcxdf+++

GOGC: FA+++FC+++FTH++FT+HAN-H4- M F-f C---(A/C, A/N, H/L) WTF(AD/P)


What are we doing here? We're riding the storm out to the sea. Two grey horses, and the third one's mine. Don't we want so very much to be beautiful, in form of expression, if not in form and feature? We take to the hills of Pretensia for this purpose, and Melancholia is long forgotten. We want to be storytellers, poets, artists; sculptor and clay in one. It doesn't matter much what we want, so long as we want it. We are gone, long gone.

Good-night, we say, and wake up.
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lipsticked Lo
18 June 2006 @ 02:44 pm
BELLE (Beauty and the Beast) - A vibrant, intelligent young beauty who wants more out of the life than an ordinary existence. Mezzo-Soprano: Low A - High F

SHELBY THORPE (The Spitfire Grill) - Mid-30's. A plain, soft-faced creature with a shy, almost ethereal manner. Shimmering folk soprano with strong high belt to D.

RAPUNZEL (Into the Woods) - A loopy-but-lovely maiden. Soprano: C - High A sharp

NANCY (Oliver!) -

MABEL (Pirates of Penzance) - Is 17 to 20, and very much a young woman of the 19th century. She is like something from an early silent movie (Lillian Gish or Mary Pickford). An out-front, uncovered, natural, expressive voice with excellent, unaffected diction is essential. Ideally she needs both a good top for the coloratura sections as "Go, Ye Heros" during which she urges the Police on to their death. She can work equally well as a kind of Lillian Gish, or as a kind of 19th century Nancy Drew. She will not work as a typical musical comedy ingenue who acts at being young, cute and endearing. If Frederic and Mabel aren't genuine and utterly sincere, there is no real center of sincere feeling to the production. Soprano

DOATSY MAE (The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas) -

RONNIE BOYLAN (Annie) - singing sisters, perform on "Oxydent's Hour of Smiles" radio program

ANNETTE (Annie) - A French maid

U/S or called back for:

CINDERELLA (Into the Woods) - Earnest, warm-hearted. Soprano: G - High G

GRACE FARRELL (Annie) - faithful Assistant to Warbucks. Soprano: A - high G

SANDY (Grease) - Danny’s love interest. Sweet, wholesome, naïve, cute “Sandra Dee of the “Gidget” movies. Strong pop singer. Mix/belt voice to D.

(I guess I can call myself a soprano with confidence...!)
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lipsticked Lo
14 June 2006 @ 10:35 pm
oneWord: emptiness

There is a loneliness like holes cut into peoples hearts with knives that are like tea kettles, but empty ones, empty tin kettles- all the tea leaves have been taken out, all the fortunes have been gleaned, all the lives that the leaves predicted have happened and passed on by.

There is a loneliness and the holes cut into people's hearts are like snowflakes or paper stars snipped out of valentines. little snow men dance in white emptinesses.
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lipsticked Lo

She moves in a whirl of flounce and flutter, skirts rustling and tongue twittering, and neither ever ceases. She is hardly rich, but the single string of pearls, a gift from some lover, and jealously guarded even after the lover has passed on by, becomes a band of perfect diamonds on her elegant neck, for all the care and delight she takes in them. Her gowns are few, and though well-cut, not of the highest quality - but in them, as well, she finds enough to carry her fancy, and her whimsy turns her meagre wardrobe into the boudoir of a queen.
She has the air of a child about her, a little girl playing at being grown-up. She has never quite caught the trick of being somber, and even her occasional gravities are touched by a sweet, tongue-in-cheek flippancy - aren't I clever? Look, don't I grieve well! - and the smile never wholly fades from her carefully reddened lips.
She is lucky enough to be beautiful by Nature's grace, and clever enough to add to it what cosmetics and deliberacy can; but even that is done with the same careless toss and twitter. She delights in making herself up beautifully because she loves beautiful things, not because she wants to attract the notice of other people. She does attract it - that is an unlooked-for bonus - but when she does her hair up in bright, soft auburn curls, and adds that touch of rouge and powder to her plump cheeks, she spends her time before the mirror, not the operahouse. She could spend hours looking into the mirror.
She has always loved beautiful things - jewels and dresses, fans and feathers, as well as roses and sunsets and moonlight and the curve of a bird in flight, and the mahogany glow in a cup of tea - and when the little girl looks into the mirror, and sees a fine, grown-up, beautiful woman reflected therein, she simply loves to stare at her, and admire her, and wish that it were she.
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lipsticked Lo
12 June 2006 @ 09:27 pm
oneWord: area

There's a long, long, large space, a wide space, an open space - it's the darkest country on this side of t he equator, and no matter how many rabbits die for it, it's the Zone, it's the Space, it's the Area, man, it's where they go. It's all there is, this long long large space, this wide space, this open space. It's haunted, they say - like area 51, but it's 51 times one thousand and ten, so it's area - some huge number, they insist, because math has never been their strong point, and it's too scary to try.
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lipsticked Lo
29 May 2006 @ 12:31 am
oneWord: wrinkle

the wrinkling of time is a curious sensation, when love and life fold in on themselves like a thousand dinosaurs turned into screaming spiders. I want to be there, wrinkling my sunburnt nose and crispily laughing, when the spiders come out. I want to see them, oh, all over- a thousand wrinkles in time, breaking and bending the universe like it's meant to be, like we are meant to be. We are flexible. We can wrinkle and not break.
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lipsticked Lo
01. Mexico :: Jump, Little Children
02. I Don't Know What It Is :: Rufus Wainwright
03. Iris :: Rockapella
04. Julia :: The Beatles
05. The House Our Fathers Knew :: Jump, Little Children
06. So Long, Marianne :: Leonard Cohen
07. Cry Ophelia :: Adam Cohen
08. With or Without You :: U2
09. Please Come To Boston :: Joan Baez
10. By the Way That They Dance :: Jump, Little Children
11. Dear... From xxx :: Miyavi
12. Shiny Happy People :: REM
13. Poses :: Rufus Wainwright
14. Suzanne :: Leonard Cohen
15. Of Angels and Angles :: The Decemberists
16. Moment in the Sun :: Clem Snide
17. Hallelujah :: Leonard Cohen
18. Dynamite Walls :: Hayden
19. Cathedrals :: Jump, Little Children
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lipsticked Lo
14 April 2006 @ 03:55 am
oneWord: yarn

I span me a yarn, as old as the sky
Unravelled the truths and wove in a lie
I span me a yarn, as fresh as a flower
It grew older daily, and young by the hour
I span me a yarn, as deep as the sea
It sang me sweet songs, and said "I love thee"
I span me a yarn, a trifling sweet
To lay in your hands, as I lay at your feet.
lipsticked Lo
12 April 2006 @ 05:15 pm
oneWord: energy

The energy we fight for in our stomachs and bellies is like a hot white red fire blazing its dancing, winding lightning bolts, striking through our toes. I feel the energy of this fire like a lamp lighting me up from the inside, a candle in my face and through my eyes. I feel alive, with goldfish tongues and grenade hands and teeth that are twenty tiny million minutes long. I am so much energy in a thousand lifetimes of despair gone away.